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About Us

Any Sport

Talkball is a sports media platform dedicated to the talent of commentating on sports. Commentating is one of the most acclaimed common factors amongst all sports. Throughout sports history, commentating has had a profound influence on sports media coverage and consumption. Despite it's history and maturity, we think that commentating talent is still untapped. Talkball puts forth the stage for every sports enthusiast to showcase his talking talent and tricks

Become a Legend

Sports commentators are no less of stars then players when it comes to the energy and enthusiasm they create around sports events. At Talkball we want everyone to add to this energy, in what we believe will take sports commentating and sports media to new levels of fun and celebration that were never thought possible. No need to join a club, train too much or go to the gym. At Talkball, anyone can become a legend.

Easy way around

Talkball's interface is extremely easy to navigate. In very few steps and in one single screen, you can choose any sport, browse through all tournaments and start listening to or commentating on the game of your choice.


Whether you are on the go, traveling, or in the comfort of your home theatre, Talkball offers you the perfect setup for ultimate sports entertainment with no limitations. The simplicity of the interface and the limitless scope of Talkball will ensure that you never miss a sports event wherever you are and listening to your language of choice.

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